Our Restaurant


Local cuisine with a view

Lake view restaurant or outdoor terrace

Welcome to our panoramic restaurant, where traditional cuisine, friendly service, and stunning views come together.

Situated in the heart of natural beauty, with the lake at our feet and mountains as our backdrop, the restaurant offers a dining experience unlike any other. With capacity for about 100 guests, it’s the ideal venue for group dinners, family gatherings, weddings, or a romantic dinner for two.

We’re proud to serve traditional dishes, prepared simply yet impeccably, that capture the essence of our rich culinary heritage.

When the weather is beautiful, our outdoor terrace is the perfect place to dine alfresco, providing a feast for both the palate and the eyes. Join us for a memorable meal amidst the stunning landscapes of our panoramic restaurant.

Private dining

For those seeking an extra touch of privacy and exclusivity, we offer personalized service on the private terraces of select suites. These terraces provide an intimate setting for dining, where you can enjoy our exceptional cuisine with the stunning panorama as your backdrop.

Imagine enjoying breakfast as the sun rises or having dinner under the stars, all from the comfort of your own suite. It’s a truly special experience, adding a unique touch to your stay with us. While enjoying the tranquility and the exclusive view, you’re still very much a part of the vibrant ambiance that our hotel offers.

Our chef proudly serve you food with

Traditional Moroccan Taste

Pull up a chair and join us for a bite at our restaurant. We’re all about keeping it simple and real with our food. Our dishes are packed with the flavors of traditional Moroccan cuisine – think hearty tagines, vibrant salads, and more. And the best part? Everything’s made with ingredients that are local, fresh, and ethically sourced.

So, not only does your meal taste great, but it’s also doing great things for our local community and environment. Simple, tasty, and responsible – that’s how we like it!