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Lake Bin el Ouidane

Discover the captivating charm of Bin El Ouidane. Experience the serene beauty of the lake, the grandeur of the mountains, and the rich heritage of the Amazigh culture.

The sea in the Atlas

Experience the enchanting Bin El Ouidane Lake, a sprawling oasis cradled amidst the mountains. Born from the mighty Bin El Ouidane Dam, the lake is a mirror to the sky, reflecting the rugged beauty of its surroundings. Traverse the meandering banks, discover miniature islands scattered like jewels across the water, and feel the cool mountain breeze on your skin.

Follow the call of adventure to the awe-inspiring Ouzoud Falls and the impressive gorges carved by the El-Abid River. Bin El Ouidane Lake is not just a destination—it’s a journey into the magical heart of Morocco​.

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The Atlas Mountains

The magnificient Atlas Mountains

Uncover the splendor of the Middle Atlas mountains as they cradle the shores of Bin El Ouidane. Feel their ancient whispers in the wind as you explore the diverse landscapes they offer.

From the lush greenery to the rugged cliffs, every twist and turn reveals a new facet of their majestic beauty. The mountains are a canvas painted with a palette of vibrant colors and textures, changing with the seasons and offering breathtaking panoramas all year round.

Experience the magic of the mountains, their serene quietness, their grandeur, and their timeless allure. Here, nature reigns supreme, providing a peaceful escape from the hustle of city life.

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The Berbers

The Amazigh people are free

Step back into the world of the Amazigh, the indigenous Berber people of Morocco. Their history is as old as the mountains, their culture a vibrant tapestry interwoven with respect for the land and its gifts.

Encounter their timeless traditions, from the unique architectural motifs to the rhythmic melodies that echo through the valleys.

Taste the tantalizing local cuisine, a testament to their symbiosis with nature. Their hospitality is legendary, their smiles as warm as the Moroccan sun.

In Bin El Ouidane, the spirit of the Amazigh is alive, continuing to shape and inspire the identity of Morocco.